Farewell Party!!!!

Hello, everyone!

This will be our last post, it´s so sad! Time has truly flown by…

However, these pictures bring us happy memories and spice us up, the show was a completely success! The students were awesome, they are such good dancers, actors and singers! You should have seen them with the mommies, they were all very excited!

We’ll see you in Chicago. 2 more days!

¡Hasta siempre!

Campeche, last week :(

¡Buenos días desde México!

You are going to love the pictures of this excursion. This is a brief summary of our schedule:

On Saturday, firstly we visited Bécal, a craft village where the students could buy different hats and sombreros. Secondly we went to Edzná, an amazing old Mayan city. Then we arrived to the hotel in Campeche (it had a pool!). The students took a walk downtown before dinner time. On Sunday, we visited San Miguel Fort (build in the 18th century) which is an archeological museum at the same time. After that we were starving, so we had lunch in a restaurant by the sea. The seafood was delicious.

Well, that is all for today. We thank our beloved Grace because she let us use some of her pictures.

See you again this Thursday!






Week 5 of class

¡Hola a todos!

Time flies! Less than 10 days to go! This week has been very hectic and fun. The students have been very busy preparing the farewell show. We wish you could see them, they are so excited. In addition, we had a had a pizza party on the 4th of July (they even translated the national anthem into Spanish!) and a fantastic cooking class, where they learnt how to cook four Mexican dishes 😀

We are about to have our last and longest excursion: Campeche. We will see you again next Monday.

Uxmal, Loltún and weekend activities




¡Buenos días! We hope you are having a happy Monday, if that is possible, hehe.

These are pictures that the Mexican mummies sent us last weekend.

Later on, we aregoing to add pictures from our last excursion: Uxmal, Mayan ruins as spectacular as Chichen Itzá, and Loltún, a cave with prehistoric paintings.

And last but not the least, here is the link for the article in Diario de Yucatán:


We will see you again next Thursday!




3rd week of class

Hello, everyone!

We are almost half of the way done! We have added some pictures from last weekend that the Mexican mothers took. In addition, you can see the students in our weekly routine: classes, afternoon activities, the sport day and, again, the Colegio Americano. They were celebrating its 100 year anniversary and invited us to participate in their parade downtown. It was very exciting. We also received a very special visit at the school, two journalists from Diario de Yucatán came to take some pictures and do some interviews to a few students. We are supposed to be in press very soon! We will share the link of the online version, of course.

That will be all before a new amazing excursion. Have a nice weekend!

We are having a lot of trouble with our Internet conexion, probably because of the recent strong storms. Next Monday, we will update this post (with 50 more pictures approx.) and make a new post with weekend pictures. We apologize for the inconvenience. 



First weekend: Mérida


¡Hola a todos! Last weekend we finally got to visit the downtown of Mérida! We are sure you will like to see them having fun. This is a summary of what we did: on Friday night we saw “el juego de la pelota maya” (the Mayan ball game), a recreation of this prehispanic sport, on Saturday we had a bus tour and on Sunday they hung out in Merida with the host families. ¡Happy Monday!

PS. We are having some technical problems. In a few hours we will try to upload more pictures. Thank you for your patience.